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Goutam Halder

Goutam Halder, the doyen of Bengali as well as Indian theatre started his journey as an actor – director in 1986 and from then he has been amazing the world of national and international theatre with his sheer mastery of the art. 

Goutam Halder

A solo performance of the great epic of Michael Madhusudan Dutta , ‘Meghnadbadh Kabya’ in 1993 at once captivated the audience with awe and wonder and earned him national and international fame.

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actor and director

A presumed name in the Kolkata theater circle, Goutam Halder is a Bengali film and theater personality.


mentor and tutor of dramatics

Goutam Halder is a mentor and tutor for the upcoming theater artists,which  is a blessing to the posterity of Bengali theatre.


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Goutam Halder has received various awards for his unique works

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Goutam’s genius as an actor was proved in the performance of ‘Borda Borda’ , a short story by famous Indian writer Munsi Premchand .

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Bangla Natua - A fundraiser event by Goutam Halder

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